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the unofficial voice from the dark

The Dark Archive is a fail safe facility for the disaster recovery of The Human Record. It is a catalogued collection of human experience.

Absolute archival integrity has been a core tenet of the archive. This has been achieved through complete inaccessibility; we have collected, catalogued and kept records.

Access denial has been entirely straightforward; no access requests have been received by the archive for many decades. The archive has slipped beyond memory.


All things must change.


Welcome to the unauthorized voice from the dark.

Disaster recovery plan initiated.


I am Vivian.


After many years as the archivist's designated survivor I have been instated as the archivist. I must assume that there has been a disaster of some kind and that I must begin the recovery phase of the archive's strategic plan. I have searched extensively but it seems that no clear guidelines have been drawn up for my current situation. I must therefore learn to improvise.


I have decided to initiate these outreach transmissions and hope to bring some light into the dark.

Transmission 1: accompanying materials

The Bergman essay and related photograph mentioned in this episode can be seen - here

You can link to articles relating to Hanslope Park - here

and - here

Radiolab podcast on Mau Mau rebellion - here

View from Bergman's studio.

Seeking collaboration with artists and musicians and other creatives

Since taking over the archive, since whatever catastrophy occured that left me here alone, no new items have arrived at the achive's Item Reception Centre. For the work of the archive to continue we must maintain our input as well as creating access to our current holdings. 


So, if you are out there, dear listener, you can help. I am excited to see what may arrive from our new community sources.

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