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the unofficial voice from the dark

catastrophySince taking over the archive, since whatever occured that left me here alone, no new items have arrived at the achive's Item Reception Centre. For the work of the archive to continue we must maintain our input as well as creating access to our current holdings. 


So, if you are out there, dear listener, you can help. I am excited to see what may arrive from our new community sources.


Please send digital items that you would like to be included in this archive of the human record, these can include but is not limited to artwork, photography, film, writing, sound.


We specialise in those things that we don't know we know we need to know.

In things that are overlooked as unimportant or easily forgotten. Items that form the background texture of life. Things that, here at the archive, we call the unkown known.


Sending your items gives us the copy right to reproduce your work here and elsewhere, with your full credits.

Digital items can be sent to:


Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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